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The Flipflop Campaign

The FlipFlopi is a boat made from plastic waste collected
from the shores of the Kenyan Coast. In the year 2019, the boat successfully sailed
from Lamu, Kenya to Stone Town, Zanbibar, a 500km journey, along the route, it
created awareness about marine pollution and what local communities and
businesses should do to mitigate the impact of plastic pollution. 

On March this year, the Flip-Flopi Boat was on
the road again, literally, with a mission to send the message of plastic
pollution upstream or from the source. This time round, the boat was going to
sail world’s second largest fresh water lake by surface area after Lake
Superior in North America. The expedition kicked-off at Kisumu’s Dunga beach on
March 8, 2021 at 6am headed for Homabay, then Rusinga and onwards to Uganda and
Tanzania. Just like in the Lamu-Zanzibar Expedition, a researcher was onboard
to carry out tests on the extent of micro-plastic pollution in the Lake, the
findings are yet to be published.

find more info here www.theflipflopi.com